Stichting Genealogisch Archief Vermeer (SGAV)
Foundation Genealogy Archive Vermeer
Postal address: Molenlaan 23, 3055 EE ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands
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IBAN: NL61 INGB 0007 7064 45
(Stichting Genealogisch Archief Vermeer)

Officially founded by notary deed on 30 January 1997 before notary Mr. G. Kleykamp-Van der Ben in The Hague.
Changed by notary deed on 8 May 2012 before notary Mr. J.F.M. Bolscher in Baarle-Nassau.
Dutch Chamber of Commerce, no.41053500 (foundations and societies are obliged to be registered)
Member of the Family Organisations division of the Dutch Genealogical Society (
Registred with the College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (protection of personal information of living individuals). 
Therefore we do not publish information on this website about living persons without their written consent.


Database manager /
Rendert Vermeer Rotterdam

Secretary vacancy

Treasurer Diny Vermeer-van Hest Best

Historical and genealogical research
Mark Vermeer Tilburg

Simon Kuipers Delft


  Sietse Vermeer     

Honorary members:

Sietse Vermeer 
Gijs Slingerland 
Willem Vermeer 
Dieneke Vermeer-Klaver 
Joseph Vermeer

Unofficially the SGAV was founded in 1996. In the Spring of 1996 there was a special exhibition of the world famous 17th century painter Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) at the Mauritshuis in The Hague and later in Washington DC.  A hundred people with the Vermeer surname were invited to visit the museum before the actual opening. A handful of people appeared to share the same passion: family research or genealogy.
All research results were put together and combined. This was the starting point for our database.
In October 1996 at the home of initiator Sietse Vermeer in Arnhem an informal meeting took place. There it was decided to start a family organisation in the form of a foundation. We see these events in 1996 as the beginning of our foundation, although the official founding took place by notary deed in January 1997.
In 2006 we celebrated our 10th anniversary with a meeting at Bronbeek in Arnhem.

Goals and achievements.

Our goal is to gather information about all Vermeer's that ever lived all around the world. This also includes the surnames Losecaat Vermeer, de Bruin Vermeer, Vermehr and Rhemrev (backwards). From there we compile familytrees, family histories and personal stories. We also collect pictures, birth announcements, wedding announcement, obituaries and other interesting documents.
All people with the Vermeer surname that descent from one particular ancestor are considered as one family. There are about 120 different familygroups out of about 12 families (see genealogy and history pages). At this moment our database contains records of 120,000 people who have lived from the 13th century till the present day.
Twice a year we publish a magazine called 'Alweer een Vermeer' (Vermeer Again) with genealogical surveys, the latest news and background stories. About every two year we set up a meeting for all people with the Vermeer surname and their relatives.