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Genealogy is often used as a general term for family trees, but actually it means a survey of all descendants in male lines. Daughters and their spouses are mentioned, but their offspring not.
Examples of other types of surveys are:
- Ancestor table = a survey of all ancestors: 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents and so on.
- Descendants survey = survey of all descendants in both male and female lines.

Our foundation publishes surveys which holds the middle between a genealogy and a descendants survey. That is because we also gather information about the families of daughters Vermeer and in some occasions also her grandchildren.

Underneath you can take a look at some surveys compiled from our database. The database is a result of decades of research and we publish a magazine called Alweer een Vermeer twice a year. Therefore we do not publish our complete database on the internet nor do we publish about living persons.
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Please note that all surveys are in the Dutch language and dates are given in the day-month-year notation, unless noticed otherwise.

The VERMEER's of Delft (family of painter Johannes Vermeer).
 + ancestor table: children VERMEER-BOLNES
The VERMEER's of Dordrecht (oldest generations).
The VERMEER's of Elspeet.
The VERMEER's of Harderwijk (including branches in Barneveld, Spakenburg and Sioux County, Iowa).
 + Survey about the ancestral line of the Vermeer's of Sioux County, Iowa.
 + The Hendrik VERMEER family in Sioux County, Iowa.
The VERMEER family that was better known as Van der Werff in Leiden.


The LODDER family of Amerongen and Leersum.
The KLAVER family of Harderwijk.

See also the index to our magazine Alweer een Vermeer.

A list of immigrants 1856-1973 from the Netherlands to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere, can be found here.

Ancestor tables.

Ancestor table of Mario Vermeer (pdf).
Ancestor table of Rendert Vermeer (pdf).
Ancestor table of Thirza Vermeer (also in pdf).
Ancestor table of Dientje Klaver (also in pdf).
Ancestor table Losecaat Vermeer (pdf).